Collapse Surveillance Tape

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While no one actually saw the roof collapse, surveillance cameras were rolling the whole time.

From a camera mounted outside on the front wall, you can see the force of the falling debris and watch the structure lean forward under the mounting pressure. You see the door swing open from the air pressure, and then the front wall of the building bow out.

Inside, you can see the roof fall and then watch the camera fall with it.

"It really hits you when you see it in real time as the event took place," Kate Tykocki, Michigan Works spokesperson, says.

Lansing firefighters who saw the tape say it will be an important piece of the puzzle. A spokesperson for the Eyde Company (they own the building) says they won't speculate. "I don't think the tape will give us a clear understanding of what happened," says Mark Klouse.

Michigan Works will be open Wednesday for unemployment insurance claimants only. They'll be headquartered at the Walter French Academy building, next to their Cedar Street location. They'll operate regular hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.