Michigan Works Building Collapse

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On any other day, there could have been hundreds of people inside--checking computers for job postings, reviewing resumes, and getting help.

Instead, it was early Saturday morning when a medic noticed the Cedar Street Michigan Works headquarters roof caving in. No one was inside--a lucky break, but also the reason for all the mystery.

Lansing firefighters believe it was an accident, but they can't say how or why the roof fell it. It threatened the structure around it, and so--with permission from Eyde Company, who owns the building--they tore it to the ground.

Doug Stites, CEO of MI Works, says they will relocate their services as soon as possible. It's likely they'll use the Walter French Academy next door, as it is vacant and owned by Eyde.

Stites says they won't be open Monday for sure, but they hope to relocate services shortly after. He urges anyone collecting unemployment to report to MI Works in Charlotte or St. Johns.