Wolverine Pipeline Co. Settlement Approved

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It's settled. A Jackson County Judge approves a $250,000 settlement stemming from the June 2000 gasoline spill in Blackman Township. Some 500 residents are eligible to receive the money from the Class Action Lawsuit in legal lingo for the last five years.

John Dudley, Lawyer for the Wolverine Pipeline Co., says the money is a way to recognize the inconvenience the gas leak caused. Officials say a faulty fitting caused the tens of thousands of gallons of gas to leak into the soil and in some causes above ground. The Wolverine Pipeline Co. has also spent millions on personal lawsuits as well as environmental clean up.

If not appealed, the settlement money will be available until January 15. You must apply for it if you haven't already. Contact the law offices of Fausone, Taylor and Bohn if you have any questions.

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