Nearly 100 People Sworn in as United States Citizens

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They came to America with a dream, and Thursday that dream came true as nearly 100 people became United States citizens.

Hansel Rodriguez almost missed his chance to become naturalized. Rodriguez wasn't feeling well, arrived late and missed the ceremony but was sworn in despite his timing.

District Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Carol Jenifer did it while the rest of the crowd was filling out paperwork and registering to vote.

After his oath Rodriguez said, "I feel like an American now, that's a great feeling, it took a lot to get here."

In the last 12 years there's been close to 100,000 adults sworn-in in Michigan. Thursday's ceremony was held at the Michigan Library and Historical Center where a special exhibit about Michigan Immigrants and migrants is on display.

The display is open to the public through October 9.