Ethanol Fuel.

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A cheap, clean, renewable alternative to gasoline would be a dream come true for most Michigan drivers.

Thursday several alternative fuel groups gathered at Lansing Community College to show what could be the future for area drivers.

General motors gave the state a brand new Chevy Tahoe, but this isn't your everyday SUV. It runs on 85 percent ethanol.

Many experts say this alternative fuel is more economical, and better for the environment.

"Ethanol is great because it's a renewable fuel, it's produced domestically so it will help rid our dependence on foreign oil," said Greg Davis, a professor of mechanical engineering at Kettering University in Flint. "In fact for every gallon of ethanol we use, we'll save about 1.6 to 1.7 gallons of petroleum."

The presentation of the Tahoe highlighted the day-long event at LCC. Other alternative fuels were also featured, such as propane and biodiesel.

Michigan is the ninth state to receive a vehicle from GM to promote ethanol.

There are currently about 11,000 cars and trucks in the state's fleet. 20 percent use alternative fuels.