Unemployment Backlog Clearing Up

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Just one month after confirming unemployment offices were backlogged with paperwork averaging about a week, state officials said they’ve managed to trim processing delays to three to four days.

The Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services is responsible for overseeing state unemployment offices. C.I.S. spokesperson Maura Campbell said the backlog that was once between five to seven days now sits at three to four.

Noelle Clark, Director of C.I.S., recognized the delay last month and explained it was because of early state worker retirements and switching processing systems.

Clark believes the backlog should be mostly cleared by 2003.

Involved in the switch is the setting up of remote processing sites.

The first sight is expected to open in Detroit by January. Two additional remote sights are expected to open in Saginaw and Grand Rapids according to Campbell.

These remote sites will process filings by mail, phone, large corporation and Internet.

The Internet sight is: http://www.michigan.gov/bwuc/0,1607,7-161-15546_16174-36713--,00.html