Norwalk Virus

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Jackson Lumen Christi was just two wins from their third state title. After beating Three Rivers for the regional title, the team ate sandwiches as they headed on the bus.

But 11 hours later, many of the players complained of stomach aches, diarrhea, and vomiting. Many were treated for dehydration, but tests conducted by the Jackson County Health Department found it was the Norwalk virus that got them sick. It's a fairly common virus that causes 50 – 70 percent of gastrointestinal problems.

"It can be transmitted by contaminated food or water. Also if you have a small child that has it and they have it in their feces, it can be transmitted person to person. It's important to wash your hands at all times, " said Dr. David Castle, Ingham Regional Medical Center.

Health officials are not connecting the team's illness to the food they ate, and they say they may never know exactly how the team got sick.

Unfortunately the illness may have prevented the Titans from defending their State Title. They lost to Riverview last week. But they say they have their strength and appetites back, which didn't affect their abilities to eat Thanksgiving dinner.