Suspicious Child Deaths Before the Holidays

Three children have died under unfortunate circumstances only days before Christmas.

Parents are allegedly involved in two cases and police are awaiting autopsy results in the third.

Psychologists and police said crime rises during the holidays and the stress can lead to tragedy.

Jackson police said they expect to have autopsy results Monday in the death of a one-year-old girl who died Saturday. She lived in the 600 block of Steward St. but died at Foote Hospital. Police are calling the death suspicious.

The girl is the third Mid-Michigan child to die this week under suspicious circumstances less than a week before Christmas.

Psychologists said there are added stresses around the holidays that contribute to depression and even murder. They said the season causes many stresses, both emotional and financial.

Lansing police said Todd Hodges shot his 22-month-old son, Darron, Thursday night. Authorities said after a standoff with police, he shot and killed himself. His wife, Amy, told investigators they argued about a lost wallet.

And in a third case, Lachante Mobley and her boyfriend Anwar Benin, have been arraigned on charges of child abuse and murder for the death of Mobley's son, LaMarquis Hereford.

The four-year-old boy was treated at Foote Hospital in Jackson before being airlifted to Ann Arbor where he died of internal injuries. Family friends said in a previous interview they couldn't believe the charges.

Police said the case of Todd Hodges, who allegedly shot his son, should be closed soon. They are awaiting toxicology reports, which should arrive in several weeks.

Law enforcement agencies said crimes do increase around the holidays.