16 Percent of Michigan Drivers Text and E-mail While Driving

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A new statewide survey shows that 16.3 percent of Michigan drivers admit to texting and e-mailing while driving, even though Michigan law prohibits drivers from reading, typing or texting when they’re behind the wheel.

The number of drivers who admitted to texting and e-mailing behind the wheel has nearly doubled since a 2012 survey. The survey was conducted for the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP).

"These kinds of surveys give insight on driver's knowledge of traffic safety laws, illustrate gaps in knowledge and the extent of unsafe driving behavior," said Michael L. Prince, OHSP director.

Nearly 59 percent of Michigan drivers admitted to making and accepting phone calls while driving, which is an increase of three percent over 2012, and 31 percent of drivers admitted to looking at incoming text messages and e-mails, an increase from 17 percent in 2012.

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