Petty Prank Turns Bad

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Grand Ledge's Police Chief calls it a petty prank gone bad. Chief Martin Underhill tells News Ten Tuesday nights chain of events began around 11:30 when an officer saw two men ripping flags down from the Bridge St. Bridge. When he approached the men, they resisted the officer but one was eventually arrested and handcuffed, placed in the back seat of the patrol car.

The other man jumped over the bridge and into the water. When the officer went to check on in him he heard his vehicle speeding away. Chief Underhill says the handcuffed man, a 19-year-old from Delta Township, managed to free himself and hop in to the front seat of the patrol car. He eventually crashed it into Big "L" Lumber.

The man in the river, a 19-year-old from Grand Ledge, was pulled from the water and arrested. The man in the police car was also arrested. Chief Underhill says the vehicle was brand new and doesn't think it will be salvaged.

The two men believed to be responsible for the events are expected to be arraigned Wednesday.