Diesel Truck Crash Kills One

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One man is dead after he crashed a diesel tanker truck into a Webberville gas station.

Police say 64-year-old Edward Clyde Grimley may have had a heart attack or some medical problem when he ran his Corrigan Oil Co. truck - carrying 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel - into Webberville Oil Co. One other person suffered minor head and leg injuries.

Investigators say an autopsy on Thursday will help determine whether a medical problem caused the accident, but they say there is no indication the driver had mechanical trouble. There were no screech marks indicating the driver slammed on his brakes.

Emergency workers weren't able to pull Grimley out of his truck until nearly six and one-half hours after the accident. When he crashed, most of his truck was inside the building, which caused the structure to be unstable.

Workers brought in lumber to create a support structure to hold the building up while they worked to extract the diesel fuel from his truck to put it in another tanker. When the fuel was removed from the tanker, emergency crews removed the deceased victim from the truck.