New Treatment Melts Away Fat

A new treatment claims it can take inches off the waistline without surgery.

It's a procedure called Mesotherapy that injects medications under the skin to make the fat and cellulite "melt away."

The medications include the asthma drug Aminophylline, as well as the heart medication, Isoproteranol. An anesthetic and herb called Melilotous is also added.

Mesotherapist Dr. Marion Shapiro is a New Jersey doctor who performs the procedure. She says all of the drugs used are FDA approved. However, most of the drugs are stimulants and are not approved for weight loss.

Dr. Shapiro argues the amount of drugs injected is not enough to really cause stimulation to the body.

So far, there's no research proving the procedure actually works.

Shapiro says 60,000 doctors in Europe and South America practice Mesotherapy. She says patients lose up to three inches in their waist, hips and thighs within four to six weeks.

The procedure doesn't come cheap. Dr. Shapiro charges $2,500 for a ten-week course of treatment.