Jackson Public School Layoffs

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The district call the layoffs routine, and pledges to hire many of the employees back once they have a better idea of enrollment for next school year.

They issue these pink slips to be sure they don't overstaff.

The teacher's union says 28 teachers shouldn't have been on this list, and they're less than convinced they'll all be back on the payroll in these tough budget times.

Superintendent Dan Evans says they re-hired all 22 teachers they laid off last year. The union says seven were not hired back. What's more, they say, start the process earlier and you won't have this many teachers wondering each year.

The other part of this debate is placement. Teachers on the layoff list may or may not be certified for the positions 18 retirees and other teachers who leave the district will leave behind. Evans is hopeful grants, attrition, and reshuffling will fill the positions, but the union says don't get your hopes up.

JPS has cut millions from their budget this year. They are a shrinking district and both union and administration acknowledge there's a chance they won't need as many teachers next year as they did this year, and on into the next several years.