Police Investigate Toddler's Death

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The Lansing Police Department is calling the death of a two-year-old boy "suspicious."

Police said a 911 caller reported Saturday night that the boy wasn't breathing. Police arrived at the house located around the 6200 block of Grovenburg and gave CPR. The boy was later pronounced dead at Ingham Regional Medical Center.

Medical staff found bruises and abrasions on the child's upper body.

An autopsy was conducted Monday morning, but it'll likely be several weeks until the official cause of death is known.

"Anytime you have a two-year-old who passes on suddenly, it's suspicious. He hadn't been sick or had any major health issues in his life that we've determined at this time," said Det. Sgt. Linda-Doherty Wright.

The boy lived with his mom and two older brothers. The older children have been removed from the home and are staying with a relative.

Police have not released the child's name.