Return Commute Patrols

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"On a holiday weekend, people tend to more in hurry, parties to get to," says Deputy Tryon Calkins of the Ingham County Sheriff Dept.'s traffic division.

He says the need for speed has only intensified with some 1.3 million drivers on Michigan roads this weekend. The problem: the likelihood of an accident's intensified as well.

"The faster you are going, the harder it is to react...if something happens in front of you," Deputy Calkins explains.

Those factors combined convince law enforcement agencies across the state to put a few extra eyes on the highway. Sunday and Monday, you'll find several deputies watching for speeders along Ingham County highways. Their goal is not necessarily writing tickets.

"If we're slowing 'em down we're doing our job," Calkins explains.

He says their mere presence serves as a deterrent. You can watch speeds on the radar screen fall as drivers see him up ahead.

Calkins warns he's stopping violators of all shades and misbehaviors, and it'll cost you. Tickets for seatbelt violations are $65. Calkins says its more like a $100 for speeding tickets.