Stopping Stroke

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It's a partnership between Sparrow and MSU that's providing equipment, staff, and research for what they call they're angiography laboratory. It's one of only two in the country.

It provides 3-D imaging that can see the brain and any problems that may mean stroke. The images also let doctors go inside the brain for procedures they used to do by opening the head.

Dr. Abu Yahia, director of endovascular neurointervention for the project, says, "This way the techniques are minimally invasive. We put a small needle in the groin and use a catheter to coil the aneurysm, stop a stroke."

Before this technology, the window of opportunity to stop a stroke was three hours, a time limit only about one percent of patients meet. With this new equipment, it's eight hours.

Stroke is the 3rd largest cause of death in the United States.