Memorial Day Weekend Memorial

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Among the hundreds buried here at the Evergreen Cemetary, there's a fresh gravesite, and with it, a fresh wound.

John Ellsworth and his family came today to remember Lance Corporal Justin Ellsworth. He died in action in November. Mid-Michigan came to know him as his family fought for access to his email account thru Yahoo.

That battles ended, but each new milestone--Memorial day among them--is a struggle of its own.

"It's just another first we won't get to do with him," father John explains.

The memorial section of the cemetary here is full--it have been for years. The Ellsworth's chose to bury him just a few hundred yards away, within view of the monument to his service, and the graves of others who died defending this country, as he did.

At that monument Saturday, the Ellsworths join with other soldiers families. They say his sacrifice links them this weekend to the soldiers still fighting overseas

"Just because its ended for our family, doesn't mean it's ended for everybody else," John explains.

With their end, though, this memorial day evokes memories of the things they miss:

"Him calling...And saying "hey buddy," John says.
"His smile," sister Jessie says.
From his stepmom Debbie, "Holding him--he should have been home. He would have been home."