Women Abandon Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women say their skin looked and felt younger through hormone replacement therapy. But ever since last summer's halting of a clinical trial on HRT, many women have abandoned the treatment and are looking at other skin alternatives.

While millions of women still take HRT, health concerns are prompting them to quit.

For one patient, doctors have created a multi-approach program, including a Retenoid cream, Microdermabrasion, laser treatments and Botox.

The idea is to use non-hormonal methods to stimulate collagen production and moisture retention.

Patients say after undergoing alternative therapies, they feel better and don't worry as much about the health effects of HRT.

However, one major consideration is cost. While these therapies are safe to combine, they can be expensive.

The peels, laser treatments and Botox are several hundred dollars apiece and must be done repeatedly to maintain the youthful effects.