Memorial Day Kicks Off Busy Season for Emergency Rooms

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Dr. Earl Reisdorff of the Ingham Regional Medical Center Emergency Department says summertime is their second busiest time of the year. Flu season is the first.

Reisdorff says due to more people enjoying the weather and being active outside, doctors in the ER see more traumas and minor surgeries. Common injuries include broken bones, sprained ankles, cuts and bruises.

For kids, these injuries are especially common in the summer because their bones are still soft and because they are outside playing more throughout the season.

Summertime can also be deadly for some children. According to a recent study by the National SAFE Kids Campaign, nearly half of all childhood injury-related deaths happen in summer months.

Doctors say parents should use good judgement and allow kids to have fun. Still kids should wear the appropriate protective equipment such as bicycle helmets and a helmet, kneepads and wristguards for rollerblading.

ER staff across the nation will be feeling the heat of the busy season due to record high number of visits to emergency departments.