Christmas Tree Season Is Here

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One of Ed Carpenter's favorite perks of the Christmas tree business is seeing children's faces light up when they pick out a tree.

On Tuesday, a group of pre-schoolers visited his Christmas tree farm in Laingsburg, and although they had nearly 60,000 evergreens to choose from, they settled on a small tree for their classroom. A few kids helped Carpenter cut it down.

Every winter Carpenter says he sells somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 trees. He plants a few thousand trees during April. This year, Carpenter lost a few seedlings to the summer drought, but most of his crop survived.

Carpenter says the weekend after Thanksgiving is going to be the busiest, but he has already sold quite a few. He says there is one week less between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so sales have already picked up.

Carpenter says the most popular tree is the Frazier Fur. Extended Web Coverage

How to Select and Care for Your Christmas Tree

  • Select a fresh tree. The needles should be moist and not break when bent with fingers.

  • Store your tree out of direct sunlight and away from drafts.

  • Immediately before the tree is brought inside, make a half-inch fresh cut from the trunk and place it in water.

  • Use a Christmas tree stand that holds a gallon of water.

  • Check the stand every day for water and keep it full. Never allow the reservoir to become dry.

  • Keep your tree away from a direct heat source.

  • Miniature light bulbs are better than large bulbs because they generate less heat.

Source: (The Environmental Information Series Web site)