$13 Million Coming to Mid-Michigan to Build Military Vehicles

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Spartan Chassis in Charlotte has a $13 million order to help build about 120 military vehicles for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Employees are working overtime to build one of the military's newest vehicles: The Cougar.

The hull is shipped to the plant where workers attach the engine, transmission, and axle among other parts.

It's then shipped back to the primary contractor, Force Protection of North Carolina, for final touches. The first batch of vehicles is expected to reach overseas within a month.

The Cougar was first used this past October by the Marines. It's been so successful all branches will soon begin using it.

Its V-shaped hull helps protect passengers. It's expected to be used for everything from urban patrol and troop transport to command and control.

Spartan Chassis President, Richard Schalter, said if this first batch performs well, more work could come to Charlotte, ultimately creating more jobs. Schalter said it's too early to speculate how many new positions could open.