KKK Auction...Again

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"As soon as you tell someone they can't have something, they want it that much more," Gray explains.

Call him what you will, persistent is a fitting word for the Howell auctioneer. Auction attempt after auction attempt, he's insisted he's in the right. He sells literature, photographs, and even Klan robes, once used to spread a message of hate through the KKK. He calls them historical memorabilia.

"I'm standing on rights of people to own what's legal to own, sell whats legal to sell," Gray says.

It may not be illegal, but it's been controversial nonetheless. The latest attempt was foiled in April after KKK fliers appeared on doorsteps in the city of Mason. The first auction in January was spoiled at least in part, by protests outside.

Sunday at 1, there were far fewer buyers present. The city says that's due, in part, to their changed plan of attack.

Howell city manager, Shea Charles: "We're taking the tactic of ignoring him this time, we're not going to give him his 15 min. of fame."