Local Doctors Get a Glimpse Into the Future of the Operating Room

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Olympus America brought a traveling showroom of a future operating room to Howell. There, doctors had a chance to check out new technology.

Brian Moores of Olympus America says it starts with new equipment that allows doctors to perform more procedures laproscopically, or less invasively by making a much smaller incision.

And the O.R. suites themselves provide more room and flexibility by mounting equipment to the ceiling and allowing the room to be reconfigured for many different types of surgery.

Another feature many doctors are looking forward to is called tele-medicine. The systems of the future allow doctors to send images across the country and world in order to consult other doctors without ever leaving the operating table.

Olympus America Inc. is one of the companies that manufactures these new systems. Both Sparrow Health System and Ingham Regional Medical Center are looking into incorporating the new technology into their operating rooms.