Lansing School District Balances Budget

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The budget balancing act started with a deficit of $12 million, but now it seems the end is in sight and so is a balanced budget. That according to Lansing Board of Education Treasurer Guillermo Lopez Friday.

In February, Board members voted to close five schools which will save the district approximately $4.6 million. When early retirement packages were offered shortly after, the district expected only 150 people to accept it. But 180 did which beefed up the budget as well. Purchases have been kept to a minimum and departments have been slashed too and Thursday night the Board okayed the sale of Lansing's long vacant Main St. School.

Board Member Hugh Clarke acknowledges some things are missing. For instance, the district will not get as many new school busses this year as it originally had hoped for. But, as Clarke adds, it seems it's all been done with no teachers being laid off.

The board will most likely adopt their budget June 2; that's when the Board of Education meets next.