Refugee Gets New Prosthetic Arm

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It's the first time he' s had a right arm since Taliban missiles exploded in his Kabul, Afghanistan home four years ago.

Now, Izetullah Nawabi is hoping his new prosthetic arm will help him return to truck driving - his profession before the attack.

Ronald Juntonnen, Nawabi's prosthetist, says he expects Nawabi will quickly learn how to move his shoulders up and down to control the movement of his prosthetic elbow and hand.

Nawabi is also equipped with a hook, which will help Nawabi grasp objects more quickly.

Nawabi says he is very thankful for the new arm. He says he feels complete with his new arm.

Juntonnen says the process of constructing the prosthetic arm cost about $8,000. He said he donated half that cost, and Medicaid covered the rest of the bill.