Tell A Friend 10: Breast Cancer

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On Dec. 10, News 10 and the American Cancer Society have chosen to remind you and the women you love to perform a monthly breast self-exam.

At the same time, News 10 brings you information on a new study expected to launch next year. The National Institute of Environmental Health, part of the National Institute of Health, is conducting a study of 50,000 women, all of them sisters of a breast cancer patient. They want women from all over the country. So far, 2,000 women in Tampa, St Louis, Phoenix and Providence, RI have signed up.

The researchers are asking participants to fill out a questionnaire every year for the next 10. They'll also be asked to send blood and urine samples, as well as samples of household dust and other things.

The hope is to identify and separate the genetic and environmental causes behind breast cancer.

It's a fact that sisters of breast cancer patients are twice as likely as other women to develop breast cancer themselves. And researchers expect that about 300 of 50,000 study participants will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the next ten years.

So if you're the sister of a woman who had or has breast cancer, you're between 35 and 74-years-old, and you've never had breast cancer yourself, you might think about signing up. There is no cost to you -- everything will be paid for by the National Institutes of Environmental Health.

For more information or to sign up, call 1-877-4SISTER, or 1-877-474-7837. You can also log onto