Detroit Man Shot in Lansing Parking Lot

Lansing police want to know who shot a 32-year-old man from Detroit in a parking lot Sunday evening.

Police say a black male was shot in the Jersey Giant and Hollywood Video parking lot in the 3500 block of S. King and Holmes in Lansing.

They say the man was shot in the buttocks. The bullet also went through his abdomen. Fortunately, he is in stable condition in the hospital.

Witnesses say they didn't see the shooting but saw a white pickup truck driving at a high speed away from the scene.

They say the truck is an early 1990's model with an extended cab and four by four black stripe decals.

Witnesses say two men were inside the truck believed to be either Hispanic or light-skinned black males.

Police say the incident may have been drug related.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the Lansing Police Department at 517-483-4600.