Wharton Center Credit Card File Hacked

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If you've used a credit card to buy a ticket to the MSU Wharton center lately, you may want to check your statement. That's because last month the Wharton Center had a security breach.

Tech officials discovered an intrusion in the server, used to store patron information. They can't say if the hacking was aimed at getting credit information.

There is no evidence that credit card information was accessed or copied, but names, addresses, credit card numbers and expiration dates of about 40,000, dating back to September of 2003, are in that system.

The Wharton System has replaced the system. They have not changed any security measures.

Michigan State Police are investigating the crime. Wharton Center spokesman Kent Love says they'll change security measures, if necessary, based on the information they discover about the crime.

Wharton Center says you need to keep a close eye on your statement. Contact police about fraudulent activity. For more on what to do, go to http://www.whartoncenter.com/FAQ.