Protestors Gather to Voice Opposition Against Granholm

Those attending mass Sunday morning at St. Mary's Cathedral in Lansing had to pass nearly 20 protestors holding signs and crosses outside the church.

They gathered from all over Michigan to voice their opposition to Governor-elect Jennifer Granholm's position on abortion.

Protestors say they feel Granholm is in spiritual danger and that she's giving scandal to other Catholics who are trying to reconcile their support for legal abortion and their Catholic faith.

They say they strongly oppose the Lansing diocese decision to hold an interfaith service for Granholm on her inauguration day at the church.

The diocese says the church is following a Catholic tradition.

They say by holding an interfaith prayer service, they're just upholding a longtime Catholic tradition of praying for its leaders.

While the Catholic church's position on abortion is clear, some say the protest outside St. Mary's would have been more appropriate a block down the street, on the steps of the State Capitol.

Granholm's office says the protestors are within their rights to express their views, but say Granholm will carry on with the interfaith service.

And while Granholm is Roman Catholic and opposes abortion, she does personally support a woman's right to choose.