If Rink Goes, So Does Hockey Program

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Murdock Jemmerson, director of the Lansing Parks and Rec Department, says the outdoor rink at the complex will close for ceratain. Now, they will concentrate on the future of the indoor bubble rink, which will have to see it's revenues increase by 164-thousand dollars to remain viable.

Dennis Sleep, president of the St. Johns Area Skating Association says they can't afford to go anywhere else. At Washington Park they pay 165 dollars per hour for the ice. The Summit and Suburban ice rinks both charge 280 dollars an hour.

Jemmerson says he will be finalizing new rates and then presenting the proposal to the Lansing City Council next Tuesday.

Sleep says the St. Johns hockey program will not survive without Washington Park to play it's home games, as there are no sheets of ice in the St. Johns area.