Concealed Gun Ordinance Creating Controversy

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A new East Lansing city ordinance could stop people from carrying concealed weapons into city buildings and East Lansing parks.

East Lansing police Chief Louis Muhn says the new ordinance is a proactive effort to prevent crime and protect East Lansing residents in public places including the East Lansing Library, the Hannah Center and the Aquatic Center.

Rod Collins, the communications director for the Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners, says the new ordinance would violate Michigan's Firearms Preemption Act - which stops local governments from putting regulations on the transportation, ownership and possession of firearms.

Other opponents say the ordinance would not deter crime. Some say criminals will continue to commit crimes whether or not an ordinance is in place, and many people who commit crimes with concealed weapons never apply for concealed weapons permits.

Community members and city leaders will discuss the issue during Tuesday night's city council meeting. Extended Web Coverage

State Requirements to Obtain a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon

  • Must be 21 years of age or older

  • Citizen of the United States or a Resident Alien

  • Resident of Michigan for at least six months

  • Successful completion of a Pistol Safety Training Course

  • Cannot be subject to an order or disposition for any of the following:
    • Mental health order
    • Legally incapacitated
    • Involuntarily hospitalized
    • Been found not guilty by reason of insanity

  • Not subject to a conditional bond release where firearm possession prohibited

  • Not subject to a Personal Protection Order

  • Not prohibited by MCL 750.224f (felon in possession of a firearm)

  • Has never been convicted of a felony in Michigan or elsewhere

  • A felony charge is not pending against the applicant in Michigan or elsewhere

  • Has not been dishonorably discharged from the US Armed Forces

  • Has not been convicted of one of the following misdemeanors in the eight years immediately preceding the date of application:

    Operating Under the Influence 2nd offense (257.625(1)(8)(b))
    Reckless driving (257.626)
    Driving on a Suspended License 2nd offense (257.904)
    Hindering or obstructing weights and measures enforcement officer (290.629)
    Hindering, assaulting, or committing bodily injury upon director or authorized representative of the Motor Quality Fuels Act (290.650)
    Possession of a controlled substance (333.7403)
    Displaying sexually explicit materials to minors (722.677)
    Assault or domestic assault (750.81)
    Aggravated assault (750.81A)
    4th degree child abuse (750.136B)
    Accosting, enticing, or soliciting, a child for immoral purposes (750.145A)
    Vulnerable adult abuse (750.145N)
    Solicitation to commit a felony (750.157B)
    Impersonating a sheriff, conservation officer, coroner, constable, or police officer (750.215)
    Illegal sale of a firearm or ammunition (750.223)
    Illegal sale of a self-defense spray (750.224d)
    Sale or possession of a mechanical knife (750.226a)
    Improper transportation of a firearm (750.227c)
    Failure to have a pistol inspected (750.228)
    Accepting a pistol in pawn (750.229)
    Failure to register the purchase of a firearm or a firearm component (750.232)
    Improperly obtaining a pistol, making a false statement on an application to purchase a pistol, or using false identification to purchase a pistol (750.232a)
    Intentionally aiming a firearm w/o malice (750.233)
    Intentionally discharging a firearm w/o malice (750.234)
    Possessing a firearm on prohibited premises (750.234d)
    Brandishing a firearm in public (750.234e)
    Possession of a firearm by a person less than 18 years of age (750.234f)
    Intentionally discharging a firearm aimed without malice causing injury (750.235)
    Parent of a minor who possessed a firearm in a weapon free school zone (750.235a)
    Setting a spring gun or other device (750.236)
    Possessing a firearm while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drug (750.237)
    Weapon free school zone violation (750.237a)
    Stalking (750.411h)
    Reckless, careless, or negligent use of a firearm resulting in injury or death (752.861)
    Reckless, careless, or negligent use of a firearm resulting in property damage (752.862)
    Reckless discharge of a firearm (752.863a)

Violation of a law of the United States, another state, or a local unit of government of this state or another state substantially corresponding to a violation described above
The applicant has not been convicted of any other misdemeanor in this state or elsewhere in the three years immediately preceding the date of application.

  • The applicant has not been found guilty but mentally ill of any crime and has not offered a plea of not guilty of, or been acquitted of, any crime by reason of insanity.

  • The applicant has never been subject to an order of involuntary commitment due to a mental illness.

  • The applicant does not have a diagnosed mental illness at the time the application is made regardless of whether he or she is receiving treatment.

  • The applicant is not under a court order of legal incapacity in this state or elsewhere.

Source: (Michigan State Police Web Site) contributed to this report