1.5 Million More GM Vehicles Recalled, Many Made at Delta Township Plant

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General Motors' new CEO vows changes will be made, company wide, in the wake of massive recalls. Another million and a half vehicles made here in Lansing are involved in this new recall, including some crossovers built at the Delta Township Plant. CEO Mary Barra apologized, and said the company is working quickly to fix potential problems.

"Something went wrong with our process in this instance and terrible things happened. As a member of the GM family and as a mom with a family of my own, this really hits home for me," said Barra.

GM's new CEO Mary Barra is apologizing for for her company's ignition switch defect- an issue linked to at least 12 deadly car crashes that sparked a recall of 1.6 million vehicles. The company is under fire for not issuing a recall until last month, though its engineers admit they knew about the problem for a decade.

"I am overwhelmed by anger. If we had just known this information my daughter would still be here today," said Ken Melton, whose daughter died in an accident.

And on the heals of that recall is another, This time it's for another million and a half GM vehicles with possibly faulty airbags and overheating breaks.

The new recalls include four crossovers built here in Mid-Michigan at the Delta Township plant. Some Buick Enclaves, GMC Acadias, Chevy Traverses, and Saturn Outlooks are recalled for faulty wiring on side airbags.
And 2009 to 2014 Chevy Expresses and GMC Savanas, along with 2013 and 14 Cadillac XTS, recalled for other safety problems. You'll be notified if your vehicle is part of the recall.

The company says no injuries have been linked to these problems, and Barra calls the new recalls proof that GM has learned from it's mistakes.

"We are re-doubling our pending problem reviews, bringing them forward and resolving them quickly. We will take care of all these customers and continue to apply what we have learned," said Barra.

Barra likely to still face questions when when the safety issue goes before congress. GM plans to create two new safety positions within the company. The auto giant will take a 300 million dollar charge in the first quarter to cover some costs related to the recalls. If your car is one of those on the recall list, and you're really worried about driving it until a replacement part comes in, GM dealers will provide you a loaner car, but they say this is done on a case by case basis.