Bernero Enters Race for Lansing Mayor

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State Senator Virg Bernero announced Thursday he will run for mayor.

Sen. Bernero held a brief rally this afternoon before filing the necessary paper work at city hall.

It was a very tight race two years ago. In fact, Mayor Benavides only won by 258 votes.

Sen. Bernero said he expects another close race in November.

After a brief rally Thursday afternoon he went over to city hall where he formally entered the race.

He said this year's voters will have a better understanding of what kind of leader he is.

"I have two years experience in the state senate, and I'm proud of my accomplishments," Bernero said.

A spokesperson for Mayor Benavides gave News Ten this statement:

"Mayor Benavides is looking forward to another exciting campaign against Sen. Bernero. The mayor is always eager to talk about the city's achievements and progress. Mayor Benavides has put the people of Lansing first for over 30 years. He will continue to do just that."