East Village Neighborhood

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They broke ground in September and even though it's still early in construction, many of the homes have already been sold.

They're starting to pop up on land that used to be fields of grass and dirt.

East village is the first new neighborhood to be built in Lansing in 40 years. It's in the heart of Lansing's east side.

"We have a pretty strong demand for housing on the east side, people had to go somewhere else to find it, now they can find it [at East Village,]" said Rick Kibbey, the chair of the committee that planned the development.

Kibbey said the construction of the new neighborhood shows that the city is willing to take a big step to revive the east side community.

Some thought the land should be used for commercial development, but upon taking a closer look, Kibbey said the committee overwhelmingly supported building new homes instead of new strip malls.

"We didn't want to see any more commercial development on Saginaw, especially at that spot," he said. "We wanted some new neighbors, and we got them."