Arson Likely Cause of Vaun Guard Fire

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Fire roared through the old Vaun Guard building in downtown Owosso Saturday night and burned all day long. Sunday, investigators turn to the question: what happened? Gas and electricity weren't hooked up, so those causes can be eliminated automatically.

Sgt. Kathy Taylor with the Michigan State Police Fire Investigation unit says they'll use a dog to sniff for accelerant in the building. If they find it, a lab in Bridgeport can give them more information to pinpoint a cause and perhaps help find a suspect. They also expect to put up signs asking for information about anyone who may have been seen in the area.

Meanwhile, hundreds toured the downtown streets Sunday like a funeral procession, gawking at what's left, and telling stories of the night before.

"We were just sitting here and the firemen bust in and said we had to leave," says Laurie Mason.

"It was like a tornado swirling up in a vortex," explains Josh Carriveau.

It was a fire so hot it melted the siding on homes nearby, so explosive debris is everywhere, and so huge it continued to burn nearly a day after it first began.

Fire crews were on scene all night long, putting out the hotspots, wetting dry areas, and controlling plumes of smoke you can still see all over the building. What they'll do with the debris, they don't know, but right now, they're in a holding pattern as the investigation continues.

Also holding things up, information. As of sunday afternoon, Owosso fire still hadn't made contact with the owner of the building. It's for sale, and a conversation with whomever is selling it is still key to determining what will happen next.