Old Vaun Garde Building Catches Fire

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Owosso firefighters were busy fighting a small brush fire when they got the call about a larger fire on the corner of Beuler and Bradley in Owosso at the old Vaun Garde building which previously was a plastics manufacturing factory, but is now abandoned.
The fire there started as a smaller fire on the west wing of the building and a small brush fire outside. The fire quickly spread to the main part of the building.

Nearly a dozen fire departments were called and are expected to be battling the blaze well into the night.

Officials do not believe anyone was in the building or injured. However, several firefighters have been treated for exhaustion. Homes around the site were evacuated and streets within two blocks were closed due to heavy, black smoke filling the air.

Officials do not believe the fumes are toxic, but are asking anyone north of the river to keep their windows closed.

As for what started the fire, the fire chief for Owosso says because the building was abandoned and there was no electricity inside, he suspects carelessness is to blame.