Drive-Through Tax Filing

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It was just as simple as a drive-through window at McDonalds. Maybe even more so, since you didn't have to pay for anything. Unless you wound up owing the government money.

The Collins Road Post Office in Lansing had mail carriers waiting in the drive-way to take your returns by hand. They were also monitoring the parking lot... moving those who were handing their returns in from the car out the other side... and making room for those who needed to park and walk inside.

Mike Lee with the Post Office says it's a well oiled system that's been in practice for years. However, with the advent and increased use of e-filing, it may be a system that may no longer be needed in five to ten years.

All late filers we spoke with said the job done by the post office staff made coming in a very easy process... much easier than having to write that check out to the government.