Turkeyville USA Is Almost on the Map

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Turkeyville, USA. It's a small village just off the I-69 freeway near Marshall, Michigan and Battle Creek.

The restaurant and dinner theater exclusively serves turkey, and this year, owners say Turkeyville could sell more than 300,000 lbs of the bird meat.

All of the turkey meat is harvested at a turkey farm up the road. Blain Cornwell, Turkeyville's owner, says that farm grows 2,000 turkeys at a time. The farm processes the meat and delivers the meat back to Turkeyville, where it's stored in one of several giant refrigerated rooms.

People can get a glimpse of live turkeys at Turkeyville. There are about a dozen white "show" turkeys in the turkey farm just outside of the Turkeyville restaurant and gift shop.

Turkeyville is not open on Thanksgiving.