Last Minute Tax Filing

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"It really guides you through the whole process, you're not just looking at a short piece of paper wondering 'what is this, what is that?'," said Kyle Melinn, one of 2.5 million tax payers in Michigan who filed tax returns on line using software programs like 'Turbo Tax.'

As of Thursday, more than 70 percent of tax payers in Michigan have done it this way.

You can still do your taxes by hand, but more and more people are finding e-filing to be faster and easier.

The on-line software programs guide you through a series of simple questions; you can usually be done in about 30 minutes.

"It's very secure; it's encrypted and sent through secure phone lines. It’s a terrific system," said Terry Stanton, a spokesman for the Michigan Dept. of Treasury. He said there are many advantages to filing on line instead of filing on paper.

"The info goes right into the system, it doesn't have to be opened or sorted in a mail room. Taxpayers also get a receipt from the IRS saying your return is being processed," Staton added.

Michigan is one of the top e-filing states in the country.

If you file online you can get your return in 7-10 days; on paper it can take 3-4 weeks.