MSU Campus Targeted for File Sharing Lawsuit

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If you've used Michigan State University's internet access to illegally download music or movies, you could find yourself in court.
Wednesday, The Recording Industry Association of Rmerica (R.I.A.A.) is filling dozens of lawsuits.
According to the R.I.A.A. more than 400-students at 18 universities across the country will get served with papers.
Up to 20 of them could be Michigan State University students who played a role in illegally downloading 1.5 million media files including 930,000 music files.
But it may be how university internet users are doing this that's of concern for some.
MSU and dozens of other universities share a high-speed, high bandwidth internet backbone called Internet2.
It's a technology meant to share files like medical records and large academic works that some are taking advantage of.