Lansing Girl Recovering After Being Hit by a Car, Driver Fled

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A three-year-old Lansing girl is home recovering with a broken collarbone after being hit by a car Monday night. Lansing Police are searching for the driver who fled the scene.

Kyrstyn Brown was playing with her sister in the front yard of their Newark Avenue home when her cat ran out into the road. Syreeta Brand, Kystyn's mother, says she ran out to get the cat and got hit by a car. The driver briefly got out, looked at her, and then got back into his car and drove off. Krystyn has a broken collarbone and several cuts on her face, but was in good spirits Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the driver was a black male; the vehicle was a gray or silver four door Chevrolet Impala. If you have any information about the accident, please call the Lansing Police Department at 483-4600.