General Motors Unveils 2013 Crossover Models

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DELTA TOWNSHIP -- They are perhaps General Motors' saving grace.

"An eight-passenger vehicle that gets very good gas mileage. It's a very comfortable drive, fun to drive," says Mitch Browne at Lansing Delta Township Assembly.

The GMC Acadia and Denali, Buick Enclave and Chevy Traverse -- all built here in Delta Township -- helped bring the auto giant back from the brink. GM's sales rose 12 percent in March.

And the workers here are taking great care with the 2013 models.

"When you see them coming from pieces of flat steel all the way to adulthood, as it were, at the end of the line -- it's a great feeling," says Zane Meike at LDT.

GM unveiled the 2013 models this week.

Among other features, the Enclave will have a new black-chrome grille and HID headlights.

The Acadia will boast a six-speed transmission and a new exterior design wtih LED lighting.

The Traverse features a sleeker, more athletic design.

All three of the new models will have upgraded interiors, HID headlights and industry-first center airbags.

"That's designed to protect the front-row occupants during a side collision so they don't bang heads," Browne says.

GM's dealers, meanwhile, are already prepping for the arrival of the new models. As it is, many of them can't keep the 2012 models in stock.

"A lot of times, we have to buy from other dealers who aren't as well in another state, and we truck them in," says Matt Sloan, general manager with Graff Chevrolet.

He says they expect to see the 2013 models on their lot sometime this fall.

GM has not made pricing available.

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