Tax Deadline Nears

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Last-minute filers are the ones most likely to make little mistakes that may hold up the processing of your forms, and therefore your refund.

Common pitfalls include forgetting to sign the forms, getting the social security numbers wrong or transposed, or forgetting to put your children's social security numbers on the forms as well.

The suggestion: e-file! The form guides you through the process and won't let you file until it's complete. You can also have your refund direct deposited into your account.

Be sure your check is made out to Treasury Department, not IRS, if you owe.

Note that asking the IRS for an extension is an extension on the paperwork, not the payment. You'll need to pay an estimated tax due by April 15. Form 4868 is the form you'll need for an extension.

To call the IRS hotline for help, dial 1-800-829-1040.