David Marion, Jr., Gets 40-60 Years In Prison

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On Wednesday, the families of Owen Goodenow and Darren Brown, Jr. got their final closure, at least from the law.

"Soon Owen's remains will be in the ground forever and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye," Owen Goodenow's mother said.

"You can't close a life," Darren Brown, Sr. said. "I think this is a part of the healing process."

Last month, David Marion, Jr. accepted a plea bargain for his role in the March 2010 murders of Goodenow and Brown, Jr. Police believe Marion, Jr. was one of two men who killed the two men over drugs. The other man accused in the murders, Benjamin French, has already been convicted and is serving life in prison.

Because Marion, Jr. has accepted a plea bargain he has the chance of getting out of prison.

"He'd be eligible for parole after 40 years in the Michigan Department of Corrections," Bill Crino, assistant prosecuting attorney, said.

It was an emotional day inside and outside the courtroom doors on Wednesday as the legal process came to a close for the victim's families. But, it was nothing compared to what another trial could have been like for the families.

"The only thing I can be thankful for out of this situation is that we don't have to go through another trial," Owen Goodenow's mother said.

The Goodenows and Browns will attempt to move on with their lives and while they're happy both men are behind bars, they say they wanted a life sentence for Marion, Jr.

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