US-127 Construction

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Barrels line the streets, and work signs are posted but covered in anticipation. The frustration is mounting already.

"Probably be bottleneck as usual," muttters Rod Crips of Williamston, on the 127 project.

Janet Foran, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Transportation, says, "We're ready to go. We just need to move the barrels out."

At midnight Sunday, MDOT will close one lane on northbound 127. They'll close the southbound lane at midnight Monday. In the first stages of the project, they'll be grinding off the top surface. They'll lay a new asphalt set to last 15 years. It'll cost $20 million dollars, money Foran calls "gas tax dollars going to very good use."

This is the first time they've done a major project on US-127 since it was built 40 years ago. Road crews will also repair bridges along the highway, beginning with the M-36 bridge in Mason.

As with every construction project, state and local police will keep an eye on the associated dangers, such as additional accidents from mergers, people slowing down and speeding up, and the safety of workers on the roadway. As a result, speeds are lowered to 60 miles an hour from start to finish, April 10 to late September, all 6.6 miles from Lansing to Mason and back.