Chief Louis Muhn Reviews Melee Video

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Nearly a week after the post-game melee in East Lansing last Saturday night, questions still linger about student behavior and police response.

The video we've shown is dramatic, and Friday night, News 10 had an opportunity to sit down with East Lansing Police Chief Louis Muhn and look over some of that video.

We used a student's tape shot in the Cedar Village apartment complex. It's available at

The objective of this conversation was to help explain what the police investigation into the night might look at, and to get Chief Muhn's first impressions on the night. Muhn defends the use of tear-gas to completely clear the streets. He says studying the finer points of the police work will help them control crowds better next time.

"At what point do you say enough is enough?," he asked. "There's no book, and all you can do is use the circumstances at the time."

His general impression: professional police work. Still, he says there were moments on the video he'd like the opportunity to talk to officers about. One in particular is noted by the videography in the online video when a girl is pepper sprayed while walking past the officers.