MSU Dorms More Expensive

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Michigan State University trustees on Friday approved higher student housing rates for the 2005-06 academic year.

Basic residence hall and campus apartment rates will increase 5.25 percent. The annual cost for a student to live in a dorm will be $5,744 a year for a double room with 15 meals per week.

That's an increase of $286 from this year's rate. A one-bedroom university apartment will cost $581 per month, up $29 from this year. Rates for a two-bedroom apartment will be $644 per month, up $32 from this year.

Michigan State's percentage increase could be among the highest in the Big Ten next year for residence halls. Most schools project a rate increase of five percent or less, according to data provided by Michigan State.

But Michigan State officials said their dorm rates will remain among the least expensive in the Big Ten and the state next school year.

Michigan State has one of the nation's largest on-campus housing networks.