Lansing Boy Saves Brother and Home

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Malik was watching TV when the smoke detector went off. He ran into the kitchen and saw fire coming from an electric fan above the stove. Before he ran out, however, he remembered to go upstairs and grab his two-year-old brother, Micah, who was in his mother's room.

Malik then led Micah outside and yelled the house was on fire. Wayland Dilts was doing siding work on the house when he heard Malik. He ran around the house, noticed the smoke, grabbed a water hose, and ran inside to put the fire out.

Matea, Malik, and Micah's mother were doing work in the garage when the fire started. She says Malik did just what he had been taught. Matea says she has been teaching Malik fire safety since he was three.

Battalion Chief John Baker with the City of Lansing Fire Department says the house was flooded with smoke. And since smoke rises, and Micah was on the second floor by himself, Malik very likely saved his brother's life.

He more than likely saved the house as well.

While the fire was contained to the kitchen, smoke damaged several parts of the house. For the time being, Matea and her children will be staying in a hotel.