Wound Care Center

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Approximately 3 - 5 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds and now Ingham Regional Medical Center has recently opened the Ingham Regional Wound Care Center to treat mid-Michigan patients.

The center provides an interdisciplinary approach to wound healing, with a primary goal of avoiding amputation and saving the involved limb. They also teach a patient the importance of preventative medicine.

"We get the patient involved so they can understand how nutrition affects their wounds and the healing process. We also tell them how their daily activities can affect their outcome," said Marilyn Matthiesen, program director.

"Certain wounds healthy people would feel when we walk around, we'd feel the pain and stay off the limb and allow it to heal. These people don't feel it so they keep using their limb so it leads to infections and other problems," said Dr. Joe Gonzalez, DPM.

Many wounds are the result of pressure, poor circulation or are related to diabetes.

Call 377-8195 for more information. The Ingham Regional Wound Care Center is located at 2727 S. Pennsylvania Avenue in Lansing.