Hometown Heroes Kristin Haynie & Lindsay Bowen

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Tuesday afternoon, Connie Bartlett is watching her grandsons play basketball at Mason's Rayner Park. But she'll be watching another game once it gets dark. Bartlett will be tuning in to the Spartan women's basketball game against Baylor University. “We're really excited for Kristin (Haynie),” Bartlett says.

Seven miles east of Mason on M-36, it's another Spartan being talked about. Lindsay Bowen is Dansville's hometown hero. Paul Chelf, Dansville Resident, says he thinks she's a pretty cool gal. “She's collected and is shooting three pointers nicely,” he adds. Inside the local grocery store there's a shrine and Lindsay's grandfather buying his daily paper. Edward Bowen says Lindsay was bound and determined to go to Michigan State University and go all the way with her basketball dreams.

Back in Mason, storefronts don decorations. Above Bestsellers book shop Haynie's last name is spelled out in the window panes. The support is so visual in two communities brought together by two women and their love of basketball.